The Children and Family Research Center

The Children and Family Research Center, located in Urbana, Illinois, is an independent research organization created jointly in 1996 at the School of Social Work by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. The goal of the Center is to identify research needs and support research that is policy and practice relevant and encourage and facilitate public child welfare research activities through collaborative relationships.

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May 2015
Inaugural CQI Conference Coming in November
Join us in Urbana on November 6th, 2015 for our inaugural CQI Conference. To submit a presentation, or just to learn more about the conference, click through to the conference website.

Feb 2015
The CFRC Newsletter for February 2015
In this issue: "CFRC begins work on the Oregon Differential Response Initiative," "Evaluating Post-Reunification Services in Wisconsin," "Monitoring Critical Child Welfare Outcomes in Illinois," and "Examining Child Fatalities in Illinois."

Jan 2015 / Presentation 
The Developmental Trajectories of Delinquency Among Adolescent Females
Most trajectory research related to crime focuses on males and studies the offending behaviors from childhood to adulthood. Only very few studies focus on developmental trajectories of female delinquency during adolescence. Given that increasing…

Jan 2015 / Report 
Conditions of Children in or at Risk of Foster Care in Illinois: 2013 Monitoring Report of the B.H. Consent Decree
This annual report provides information on the performance of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services with regard to the outcomes for children who are in or at risk of substitute care. This monitoring report, required as part of the…