The Children and Family Research Center

The Children and Family Research Center, located in Urbana, Illinois, is an independent research organization created jointly in 1996 at the School of Social Work by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. The goal of the Center is to identify research needs and support research that is policy and practice relevant and encourage and facilitate public child welfare research activities through collaborative relationships.

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Sep 2014
8th Annual Brieland Lecture to Feature ACLU's Benjamin Wolf
On Wednesday, October 15th, the 8th Annual Brieland Visiting Scholar Lecture will feature ACLU Attorney Benjamin Wolf, presenting a lecture entitled "Providing Powerless People With Clout: Fixing Illinois Human Services Through Litigation." …

Jul 2014 / Presentation 
What Will Happen to This Child If I Report?: Outcomes of Reporting Child Maltreatment
Individuals considering reporting child maltreatment to protective services would naturally consider what would result from the report for the child and family. This could affect both their opinion about the value of reporting and their decision to…

Jul 2014 / Presentation 
Differential Response
Presented at the 16th annual child welfare waiver demonstration project meeting in July 2014, this presentation highlights the status of Differential Response (DR) implementation in the U.S.; summarizes the results of the "first generation" of DR…

Jul 2014 / Presentation 
The P.S. Program: Using predictive analytics in program implementation
As part of their Title IV-E waiver demonstration project, the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) was interested in developing a way to target post-reunification services to those families that were at highest risk of re-entry into…