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Stability of Permanence at Two Years (By Permanence Type) ¹

Adams County Maintained Permanence after Two Years
Reunification Adoption Guardianship Total Permanences
Total Stable % Total Stable % Total Stable % Total Stable %
2013 1313100.0%11100.0%0--1414100.0%
2014 1717100.0%11100.0%3266.7%212095.2%
2015 1313100.0%0--22100.0%1515100.0%
2016 191789.5%0--2150.0%211885.7%
2017 1313100.0%0--55100.0%1818100.0%
2018 66100.0%0--0--66100.0%
2019 242083.3%0--55100.0%292586.2%

Note: For county-level data, if you are interested in breakdowns of race, age, and gender, please email danzap@illinois.edu.

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¹Definition: Of all children who attained permanence during the year, the percentage that maintained permanence at two years.
Denominator: The number of children who attained permanence during the fiscal year. Reunification is defined as when the child is returned home and legal custody is transferred back to parent(s) or the placement case is closed.
Numerator: The number of children that did not re-enter substitute care within two years of attaining permanence.
Exclusions: Children that re-entered substitute care and stayed 7 days or fewer are excluded.

Totals for ALL CHILDREN include records that may be missing geographic or demographic information, and so may exceed the sum of any given breakdown. For example, adding numbers for Cook, Northern, Central, and Southern regions may not produce the same total as that listed for ALL CHILDREN.

The data used to compute these indicators come from two Illinois DCFS data systems: the Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS) and the Child and Youth Centered Information System (CYCIS). Both the SACWIS data and the CYCIS data were extracted on 9/30/2021. All indicators are calculated based on the state fiscal year, which spans the 12-month period from July 1 to June 30.
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