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Oct 2022 / Report / Children's Mental Health Systems of Care    
Tamara Fuller, Kirsten Havig, Cady Landa, Theodore Cross, and Yu-Ling Chiu

This report provides information from the second round of site visits that were conducted in each of the five CMHI 2.0 communities at the end of the second year of their implementation grants. During the site visits, qualitative data were collected through interviews and focus groups with project staff, service providers, parents, and youth who were involved in the implementation efforts in each community. The following topics were examined in the report:

  • Participants’ understandings of their sites’ major goals, objectives, and interventions for changing or improving the children’s mental health system of care
  • Progress made in implementing children’s mental health systems of care during the first two years of implementation
  • The implementation infrastructure and processes that guided and supported implementation, such as leadership, planning and decision-making, and communication within the implementation teams and to the wider community
  • The role of parents and youth in the implementation process
  • Barriers and facilitators of implementation