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Sep 2022 / Report / Training and Education on Maltreatment    
Ted Cross, Yu-Ling Chiu, Kirsten Havig, and Steve Tran

This year, the Children and Family Research Center’s (CFRC) evaluation team again used multiple sub-studies to examine the implementation and outcomes of FY2022 simulation training for new child protection investigators in the Illinois Department of Children and Family Service. FY2022 has been a fiscal year of transition for the Child Protection Training Academy (CPTA). Northern Illinois University became a partner in FY2022. The Chicago and Springfield training laboratories began FY2022 providing simulation training virtually but the simulation training was transitioned back in person in March 2022 at the laboratory of University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS) and in May 2022 at the Chicago laboratory. At the end of fiscal year, the University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS), the creator of the CPTA model and the founding university for the simulation training partnership with DCFS, ended its involvement in the program. Chapter 1 highlights the important development in the simulation training and evaluation activities in FY2022 and provides an overview of previous program evaluation results. Chapter 2 presents results from the Daily Experience of Simulation Training (DEST) measure of change in trainees’ confidence over the course of simulation training. Chapter 3 presents a new study that used a meta-competence framework to analyze open-ended responses on the DEST, looking at how simulation training assists in the development of skills that enable trainees to use their classroom training effectively. Chapter 4 analyzes data on simulation training from the FY2022 post-training survey to assess trainees’ experience of simulation training. Chapter 5 presents a historical analysis examining consistency and change in trainee satisfaction from FY2016 to FY2022.