Geraldine Rodriguez - Research Data Analyst / Team Leader

Geraldine Rodriguez

Attn: Geraldine Rodriguez, FCURP


1911 S. Indiana, 6th Floor #606-H

(312) 328-2092

Educational/Professional Background

Geraldine Rodriguez, a graduate of DePaul University, earned her Bachelor's degree in Psychology in 1993, and her Master’s degree in Information Systems Technology in 2005. She has over 25 years of experience working in foster care direct service and quality assurance. For the last 14 years, her work has focused on statewide projects and initiatives focused on continuous quality improvement. Ms. Rodriguez has worked as the logistics manager for the recent federal Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) in Illinois and she continues in this role for the state Outcome Enhancement Review Plus (OER+) by which the state is evaluated on progress towards federal Program Improvement Plan (PIP) goals. She has provided technical support for DCFS and private agencies for federal and state case reviews, data collection, and data analysis systems. She developed a web-based platform for quality improvement staff from the state and private sectors that provides a forum for data and resource information sharing. Ms. Rodriguez has distinguished herself in developing branding and marketing for many statewide reviews and initiatives.

Research/Practice Interests

Ms. Rodriguez joined the Foster Care Utilization Review Program in 2005 where her work centers around federal and state reviews, providing project management and technical assistance to DCFS and private agency staff. She continues to work as FCURP's technology specialist. Ms. Rodriguez has worked on creating multimedia components to training curriculums and continues to work on developing web related resources for statewide training and staff development. Her future interest involves examining the way that technology affects efficiency and enhancements to the structure of organizational management.